Our Faith

What is Orthodox Christianity?

The Orthodox Christian Church, also called the “Eastern Orthodox,” “Greek Orthodox” Church, or simply “the Orthodox Church,” is the oldest Christian Church in the world, founded by Jesus Christ and with its beginnings chronicled in the New Testament.

What Do We Believe?

We have prepared a series of articles beginning with 'What is Orthodox Christianity?' to answer some basic questions about the Orthodox Christian faith. This series dives deeper into the details of our faith including information about God, Jesus, Salvation, and more.

History of Our Faith

The origin of the Christian community within the city itself dates from the time of the Apostles, and the importance of the city as a center of the Christian community of the East dates from shortly thereafter. Learn more about the history of the Antiochian Orthodox Chruch.

Multimedia Resources

These resources provide quick and valuable insight into the world of Orthodox Christianity. From detailed explanations about the history and practice, to Divine Liturgy and Bible Study videos.

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